Friday, October 8, 2010

Bonnechere Caves

We had a homeschool trip on Monday.  We headed to Eganville and the Bonnechere Caves.  This was one of the last tours of the year because the caves flood over the winter and are pumped dry again in spring.   The caves are located along the Bonnechere river and there is a beautiful waterfall and rapids.

This time of year the bats are coming into the caves to hibernate.  Apparently, Ontario has 8 kinds of bats and the caves are home to all 8.  The bats must be sound sleepers, we had about 16 children and lots of flash photography and it didn't disturb them.

The caves aren't that claustrophobic.   There was room for 2 wide in most spots.  It's well-lit and has a hemlock walkway all the way through.  There are a number of stairs, so must keep that in mind.

The caves and property are so full of fossils, you almost can't not find a fossil!  We took our fossil along to get an expert opinion.  Colin thought it was a sponge.  But really it's a honeycomb coral.  Our tour guide said it was the best example of honeycomb coral he's ever seen.

We had a lovely day at the caves and a fun picnic lunch.  I always like getting out with the other homeschool moms so Ella can have around other children.  I get so fed-up with public school kids that have no idea how to deal with Ella and most of the times won't even speak with her.  And they are the ones considered well socialized!!

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