Saturday, October 9, 2010

Bus Tour

Momma and Daddy actually got away for a day on Tuesday.  The Renfrew County Community Futures Development Corp. and the County of Renfrew organized a bus tour to Prince Edward County.  It was supposed to be a tour of 10 vendors that sell local food at high volumes.   We had hoped to get lots of ideas for our farm gate/market sales.

It was a very nice drive and it was a good mix of people on the bus.  There were many familiar faces from the Market and OVFC.  The rain held off until 1ish and never did get very heavy, so we can't complain there.

I saw the original list of sites that we were supposed to see and it seemed quite interesting.  It seems that the organizers conferred with the Taste! folks from Picton.  Normally, this would be a good thing since they would know the local hot spots.  But it didn't work this time, most of the sites we visited were very 'arty' and obviously aimed at the 'Toronto' folks that come and spend their money in PE County.  We only saw one farm with farm gate sales.  Colin did get a couple of ideas from road side stands.    This picture is from the cider tasting stop.  Needless to say, Colin and I spent that stop wandering around bored.   But it was a prime example of what wouldn't work up here.

We spent the lunch hour in Picton.  I found the local yarn shop.  They called themselves a farm store, but most of the wool was stuff I could have bought at Tina's.  I'm assuming the handmade products on the right side of the store were local made.  I found the store rather annoying as almost nothing I picked up had a price.  You know what it means when a store doesn't price their products -way too expensive.   I did find a ball of Misti Alpaca sock wool to buy, I didn't want to come home empty-handed.

We may not have found much for our farm gate sales, but we did have a nice day out together.  The price for the trip was right as it included lunch and supper.  Though I was disappointed with the restaurant for supper.  We went to the Waring House.  It was obvious from the start that our group wasn't wanted (guess they figured out we were mostly real farmers).  They hurried us in and were nearly tripping over themselves to get us our meal.  All while we were supposed to be having a discussion with their marketing person.  It was also a little disappointed to read between the lines and realize that they really don't use a lot of local produce.  Mostly only when they have special events.   Only buying local products once or twice a year won't keep local producers in business.  We need every day business.  Oh well, at least supper tasted good and didn't have any wine in it (always a fear at 'fancy' restaurants).

 The best part of the trip?  I got the top half of my new sweater done  :)

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Diann said...

It's nice the two of you could get away for a day. I think every marriage needs that occasionally.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! Is dinner at your house this year? We are going to my daughter's Sunday for their Canadian T-giving. I am bringing the pumpkin pies, cool whip and cream cheese topping. Yum! I can't wait!!