Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My Worst Fear (well, one of them)

See this beautiful field of grain corn?  It's drying nicely, in fact it's drier now than last year's crop was in December.  I bet you are asking yourself how on earth this picture could be scary??
Look at the picture again.  Do you see Ella standing there in her bright pink raincoat?  No, you can't - and she's only 3 rows in!!!

  Every year I hear about children getting lost in cornfields.  And not every story has a happy ending.  They often get lost this time of year.  It gets cold and damp overnight and they are such little people and usually dressed for day play.   This is why I insist that anyone who watches Ella does so constantly.  No naps, no long chats in another part of the yard.  Yes, give Ella freedom to run around and play, but make sure she's always in view.  Not too much to ask, right?

This time of year is so noisy in the cornfields.  It's actually dangerous for farmers wandering in the field checking on the corn.  A farmer can actually sneak up on a bear in a cornfield in the fall.  You can imagine how bad a scenario that is, bears don't like to be surprised.  The leaves rustle so much you can't even really hear people calling.

I don't think Colin realizes just what would happen if Ella wandered into the cornfield.  I would find her, come hell or high water.  And if I had to knock down every stalk of corn in the field to do it, I would.   I don't care if it would cost thousands for Colin to buy corn all winter for the pigs.  No corn would be safe until my baby was too.


Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

I never thought about the dangers of a cornfield. That does sound scary!

Paula said...

I knew she would disappear quickly, I just didn't expect it only 3 rows in, especially in her pink jacket. I find some farm families WAY too casual about their kids. I read somewhere that farm kids have a 90% greater chance of dying at home that urban kids!!