Friday, September 10, 2010

Autumn Garden

I'm off to the Petawawa Taste of the Valley/Farmers' Market today.  It's the last Market day which is a little frustrating considering pumpkins and squash are just starting. 

I thought I'd share a couple pictures from my garden, which is desperate for a good weeding.    Gotta love 'kick-ass' old fashioned roses.  They just keep going and going with no fussing (besides water) required.  The name of this one escapes me.
   Fall wouldn't be fall without a mass of Brown/Black-Eyed Susans.  I didn't realize these flowers spread.  Nothing crazy, but they do pop up in other parts of the garden.

My Cape Breton rosebush is covered with hips this year.  I wanted to bring home a rose bush from Newfoundland when I was there doing family tree research, but you can't bring plant life/soil off the island.  I wouldn't want to destroy mainland Canada's agriculture.   I dug this bush (twig really) from the side of the road in Cape Breton, it was actually growing in the gravel and would have been run over by the snow plow.  They are crazy vigorous.  In Newfoundland, in the old cemeteries, you couldn't not walk on the roses.   Beside the rose you can see the rowan tree, or 'mountain ash' as they call it up here.  It's been bright with fruit for quite a while now.  I think we're having an early winter this year, at least that's what the plants are telling me.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful end of summer early Autumn color. We have a "Rowen"; which I've always known as Mountain Ash in our back yard, I look out at it from my desk- I guard it. It's a volunteer, which probably grew because it is in a protected zone, only to have a strange growth pattern because it was so near other trees (make sense?) It's tall and gangly, this year it's only one bunch of berries at the top. Reading about it's Scottish heritage, could be the reason I enjoy it so, my ancestors hail from various regions of Great Britan.

Early winter? You had such a hard one last year. We are certainly having an early autumn here, the trees began dropping their leaves a couple weeks ago- my theroy on that is that we had such an early spring, which forced the trees to bud early, so naturally they would begin to loose their leaves "early" although, it's probably the same amount of time that they would have green leaves any way, make sense what a rambling post from me!!!

Good luck selling your beautiful gourds and pumpkins!