Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My Helper

We had a very busy weekend.  I needed to do a bit of cleaning.  It seems whenever I do a bunch of canning my stove gets filthy.  Luckily I had a very eager volunteer.  I turned her loose with her scrubby, the baking soda and my vinegar/soap spray bottle.  She had a blast.  Yes, I could have done it faster, but if you tell children 'no' when they want to help, they will tell you 'no' when they are older.  Ella did a great job.

Friday was Taste of the Valley in Petawawa.  I haven't heard any 'official' reports, but we had a good enough day.  We sold a little more than our average Friday Farmers' Market.  We certainly talked to more people, and that's good advertising.  Our farm stand is right on highway 17 (Trans Canada Highway) and so many people say 'we see you sign all the time but don't know if we should come in'.  So it's good to talk with them and say 'please come in'.  Personally, I'm not sure why we would have the sign on the front lawn if we didnt' want customers???   It was wonderful setting up and putting away because Colin came with me and I didn't have to do all the heavy lifting myself.

Saturday night was the 156th Renfrew Fair.  I was going to dazzle you all with wonderful pictures of a beaming Ella, but the battery in our camera died -I forgot to charge the thing Friday night.  Daddy did get one picture.  We're waiting in line for the carousel.    It's one of Ella's favourites.  I like that the parent can ride for free to hold the child on the horse.  You should hear Ella when she rides!

My Dad and Stepmother were up for the weekend.  They came with us to the Fair and had a good time.  Dad even said it was better than the Peterborough Fair, which is a much bigger town/area.  We had a really nice visit and Ella enjoyed playing with Grandpa Jim and Grandma Linda.


Anonymous said...

The bit for the news was a great promo, for the event. I can see why it would be hard to stop at a farm to buy, obviously by having a sign it means you are soliciting customers, but it does feel a little weird to just pull into a strangers property- After a connection is made, with personality, dropping by would be more comfortable. Good for you to get out into the community!

Dern camera batteries die at the most unopportune moments!! Glad you could have a nice time with your Dad too.

Niki said...

I did 22 quarts of tomato sauce with the girls yesterday...and you should see my stove! Could you send Ella over please? She could play with Henry when she's finished cleaning.....

Paula said...

Niki, she would love to come and help and would be thrilled to have a new 'friend'.

Kimberly, if you knew me (personally) you'd know how amazing it is that I'm out doing all the stuff for the farm/market. I am so shy. But it's like when I force myself to go to homeschool things. If I'm going to keep Ella home, I have to make myself go out and be involved with things.