Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Our New Chickens

Ella and I headed into Renfrew yesterday to pick up our new little chicks.  The local feed mill, M&R Feeds, gets chicks shipped in from Frey's Hatchery.  We have basically given up on the Chantecler chickens.  If they can't brood and hatch their own eggs, then they aren't of any use on our farm.  These new chickens are Harco Black S-x-Link . A rather questionable name, but they sound like just the chickens for us.  They are supposed to be good layers and brooders and good eating in the end.

They are a little bigger than the Chantecler were when we got them last summer.  These chicks are 2 weeks old.  We got 12 hens and a rooster.  We'll keep them in the summer kitchen for a while and let them get bigger and get over all their travel.
Ella's very excited to have new chickies out there.


Kimberly said...

Look like the hatchery supplies lot so fo good info on chickens. Hope these work out for you

Paula said...

Everything I've read makes these sound like just the right birds. I'm getting so many requests for chicken, I need to get some kind of birds that know how to replace themselves. Our farm really can't support animals that don't pull their own weight (so to speak).