Sunday, July 11, 2010

New Combine

We had some excitement on Thursday.  Colin and Dad went and picked up our new combine and headers.  Well, it’s new to us.  Considering our old combines are older than Colin, it was time for something newer.

This is a 1976 Gleaner combine.  This seems really old, but it actually has very few working hours on it.  In fact, it has less hours than most newer used combines.  We can easily get parts, so why spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a new one.  This combine is larger than the old ones and should allow us to nearly double our output.  It will definitely shorten all the ‘down time’ we had with old combines.

Colin is looking forward to harvesting his soybeans.  This combine has a specialty header for soybeans.   It has a large fan that blows the soybeans into the combine.  This will greatly reduce soybeans falling on the ground.  The combine even has air conditioning, a very nice luxury when combining in August!


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Diann said...

Good for Colin! It looks pretty new to me -- never would have guessed it was a '76. Hope it gives him many years of problem-free service!

Paula said...

Yes, for some reason it's never been used much. In fact, it's last owner only put 100 hours on it over 10 years!! That's unheard of. Also, the last owner is very meticulous about his equipment and so kept it in tip-top shape. He also did some fix-up work before letting Colin have it.

I hope it works well. The old ones were pieces of junk. They spent more time trying to 'fix' them enough to keep going. Add to that the fact that no one makes the parts any more. Well you can imagine the nightmare it was getting to be.