Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Summer Storms

We had quite the thunder-storm yesterday afternoon.  It got quite wild and scary.  I was very glad Colin was in the house with us, storms make me very frightened nervous.

Does anyone see what's wrong with this picture of our barn???\

That's right, you should not be seeing daylight through the boards on the top floor.  Wonder why??  
That is the door to the barn's hay loft, from back in the day when Dad had cows.  It's barely hanging from one hinge.  Colin says we're lucky.  Some of the barns down the highway don't have any ends left in them at all. We'll have to get someone in to fix it, as we have nothing capable of lifting the hay door.

You have no idea how much I thanked God that this hail only fell for a minute or so.  This is about half an inch in diameter and would have decimated our crops.

Ella's poor 'clubhouse' really took a beating.  Luckily, Colin was able to fix it up.  He says, at least, it will last out the year.  We'll have to watch for them to go on sale at the end of the season.  Ella really likes having it, and we like having some shade to sit in too.

Our tomatoes took a hit too.  At least the hail didn't last long and they still have their leaves.  Last year our tomatoes got stripped down to sticks 3 times by the hail.  They are loaded with tomatoes.  Once we dry out Colin will try picking the tomatoes back up.  Right now we are still too wet to try.

The crops are happy for the rain.  The sweet corn is definitely happy.  I'm just happy that the house and barns are all still standing (more or less) and the good Lord kept us safe.  This is another reason to like winter.  It's just snow.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you didn't loose any crops. If it's not one thing...

Life of a plainlady said...

I DO NOT LIKE STORMS! Glad everyone was safe.

Diann said...

Glad your crops survived the storm. Storms definitely scare me too, especially living so close to the F-5 tornado in Xenia, OH in '74.

Paula said...

I was definitely sending up lots of prayers during the storm. The damage came close. Colin checked our other farm (one sideroad back) and the field beside ours was quite decimated by the hail.