Saturday, July 3, 2010

Ella Update

My poor little pumpkin is still coughing herself silly.  I thank the good Lord that her fevers are gone and the sore throat seems to be better too.  Grandma found a homeopathic cough syrup (the only kind allowed for the under 6 bunch) and it really seems to be working.  Speaking of Grandma, I really do thank the Lord for her too.  Some days I don't know what I'd do without her.  Grandma took her home Thursday night so I could get some sleep.  She ended up keeping Ella Friday because I had the Farmers' Market.  I pray she gets better soon, the summer is such a miserable time to have a cold.  And on a selfish level, I don't need to get sick now and be coughing for the rest of the summer -people might not want to buy our pork.

On a happy note, yesterday went well at the Market.  We sold a little less than last week, but still a good amount.  I would say the crowd was better last week and a number of people said they were just looking this week and would be back next week with a cooler.  I tried selling the new dog bones that I made.  They went over well.  Hopefully we will soon have vegetables to take too.  That will really draw people to our tables.


Diann said...

Hi Paula,
Sorry so late on this post but I haven't been keeping up with the blogs much lately, as my mom passed away last Monday. We just laid her to rest today -- just in time, as my daughter and fam. were heading to Rice Lake for their annual week of fishing today. Glad they didn't have to cancel their vacation! :)
Hope little Ella is feeling much better by now! Take care of yourself, too!

Paula said...

Hi Diann

I'm so very sorry to hear about your Mom. I can't imagine what you are feeling. I hope God gives you peace. I'm glad you daughter can still go on her vacation, I'm sure your Mom would have wanted that too. It's turning humid up here again, so it will be a good time to be at the lake.

Ella's much better now. Cough is gone. Daddy's sick and acting like it's the worst cold ever, but that's a man for you :)

Sending you lots of love and hugs. Paula

Diann said...

Thanks Paula. It was a LOT harder than I expected. It was hard to lose Dad, but it seems so much worse to lose my mom.
So it's humid up there, huh? Amy called tonight to say they had gotten there about 11:30 last night, but her cell phone reception was lousy so we didn't get to chat. :( At least I know they made it there safely. She knows I'm a worrier!
Glad Ella is doing better. Yeah, I know all about how a man acts when he's sick, LOL They're the worst babies ever!! ;) Hope Colin feels better soon -- for both your sakes!