Tuesday, June 1, 2010

New Bathroom

Well ok, a new bathroom would be a dream come true.  Actually a second bathroom would be the dream.  But a redone bathroom would be nice.  Our bathroom is the original one retrofitted (badly) into the house when it got running water.   We decided that our last anniversary gift to each other would be a new sink.  So we waited until Home Depot had a small enough one on sale.

Colin surprised me today when he decided to replace the sink so I forgot to get a before picture.  So here is the remains of the sink.  As you can see it has two faucets so you either wash with hot water or cold.  I’ve been worried about Ella getting burned ever since she started washing her own hands.   Also, the sink just hung off the wall so all the pipes were exposed and there was no where to put bathroom stuff you don’t want every one to see.  It also means more stuff on the floor to sweep around.

As you can imagine, redoing plumbing in this old house was lots of fun -not.  Colin started by cutting out the pipes from under the kitchen sink and installed shut off valves for the bathroom.  As you can see it was a very tight fit for my 6ft husband.  Even with all the stuff removed, Colin had to fold himself up to fit.

It took Colin 4 hours and much much frustration to finally get the vanity and sink installed.  It looks so good and now we can wash with warm water.  I also have a place to tuck Ella’s bath toys to keep them dust free, plus a couple rolls of toilet paper (the rest is stored over tub, the only storage in the room).  As you can see, our bathroom is small.  Especially when I tell you I’m standing beside my fridge.

This picture was taken from half inside the tub.  I always kid and say our bathroom is so small you have to step out into the hall to change your mind  :)
Colin did a great job and patched the wall well.  Good thing he keeps everything.  So he was able to match up the wall board.
I am so happy  :)


Anonymous said...

Very nice, the sink/vanity choice are very farm home looking.

Diann said...

I like the new sink and especially the new faucet! Nice! Enjoy!

Paula said...

It's a Shaker style cabinet which I like. Colin will really like the faucet because now he can fit his arms under it to wash. Hopefully it will cut down on the puddles he leaves on the floor :)