Wednesday, June 2, 2010


It's 1:48 AM and I am still too wound up to go to bed, though heaven knows that's where I need to be. I've just got home from the hospital. After 6 days of abdominal pain and cramping Colin decided to let me take him to the doctors. Turns out his appendix is very inflamed (and pussy) and had to be removed. Because it was so inflamed they had to use an incision instead of just a scope. Now I don't know how long he will be out of commission.

Thank God, Colin came through the surgery well and the nurse said everything was good. I got to see Colin for a few minutes before being sent home to bed. Colin was falling asleep too. He needs it, he hasn't slept well for the last few days.  The staff at Renfrew hospital are the best.  We are about half way between Renfrew and Pembroke but we always drive to Renfrew for medical help.  Even though the waiting room was full of people we were taken right in.  I guess 'appendix' is one of those magic words to get service  :)

Those stubborn farmers, they won't admit when the feel bad. There's too much to do. Next time I'm putting my foot down and making him (somehow) get help sooner.


Niki said...

So glad to hear that all turned out well and they got it out in time! Praying for a quick recovery and lots of strength for you :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's a scary one. I'll be praying too-


Diann said...

Oh my gosh, Paula! I'm so glad you finally got Colin to the doctor/hospital! My grandpa died from a ruptured appendix. He was only 58 years old. That's nothing to fool around with! Well wishes to Colin and I hope he's back to his old self real soon. Get some rest! Sending healing energy and hugs your way. :)

Paula said...

Thanks girls, it feels good to know we have your thoughts and prayers. I was very frightened last night and for good reason it turns out. Colin's appendix was perforated and ready to burst! I sure hope he's learned his lesson and will get help sooner. I'm exhausted and lonely. I don't like being home alone (Ella's having a sleepover). Ella says I can borrow one of her stuffies - how sweet is she?

Anonymous said...

I know it's a weird thing to be home alone- Many days, I feel as though nothing will be accomplished, with children under foot- Then even times when I'm needing people out so make surprises, it's just so quiet that I have a hard time concentrating!It's nice though that Ella is being taken care of, freeing you up to visit with Colin. God is good! He intervened and got Colin to the hospital in the "right" time frame! Take some kniitting and go sit with Colin!!

Anonymous said...

6 days! Men can be stubborn, can't they ;) Glad to hear he's doing well.