Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ella's Weekend

Well the girlies all made it on stage on Saturday.  Even after being there for 4 HOURS.  Angie did a great job keeping them from getting to wound up to dance.  Ella had a good time and says she ‘did all her steps’.  The really shy ‘other Ella’ even danced.

We took Ella for a treat on Sunday afternoon.  Ella, Daddy, Grandma and I headed into Renfrew to go and see the last Shrek movie.  I love going to the Renfrew theatre.  It’s an old restored theatre, it’s just beautiful inside.  They make good popcorn too.  Ella really liked the movie (as seen by the smile).  She was sitting with Grandma so I couldn’t gauge her reaction to some parts.  I thought it was a much darker Shrek,  but not scary.  I’m not sure she got all of what was going on, but Ella enjoyed it anyway.


Anonymous said...

We've never seen the Shrek movies, taking the children to the theatre is fun- just expensive for us. We are thinking about taking them to the new toy story movie in the theatre as it's 3-d, it would be a different experience.

We are even beginning to wein away from a weekly movie night at home - they've been enjoying games or other activities (I'm gonna blog about a new game we got over the weekend).

Paula said...

Sunday matinees at the theatre are only $6 each. Not too bad. We split snacks too. We don't go very often so it's a treat for Ella.