Thursday, June 3, 2010


I'm not sure he looks very contrite in this picture!  But I'm going to keep it handy for the next time he needs medical attention.  I'll pull it out and show it to him saying 'do we want a repeat of this?!!'.  I think he's learned his lesson.  Funny how a gaping drainage hole in your side will make you think of things a little differently  :[

Grandma brought Ella by yesterday afternoon, just before I went home.  She brought Daddy a happy face balloon. 

We have no idea when Colin will be able to come home.  Since his appendix was perforated and ready to burst, I have a feeling they will be keeping him a while longer.  On one hand that's ok, at least in the hospital he isn't in the barn/on the tractor/or in the garden.  On the other hand, I don't function well alone.

This incident is a prime example of why I thank God that we are Canadian and not American.  We have no medical insurance (only drug) and yet I can take Colin to the hospital and get him whatever medical attention necessary.  All without worrying about the size (or lack thereof) of our bank account.  I don't understand the debate over socialized health care.  Why should I have to chose between Colin dying or losing our house?   Everyone deserves to see a doctor, even poor farmers  :)

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Diann said...

Paula, yeah, I keep hearing all about your great health care system from my Canadian SIL. Wish we had something similar here in the states. That's precisely why my husband is still working, because when he retires, we lose our health care and have to pay for it ourselves. Instead of him retiring at 62, he is still working at nearly 68!

If you're lonely, you are more than welcome to email me. I am here for you! Just let me know if you're interested and I will post my email address. I don't like being alone, either! That's the hardest part for me since I retired last fall.

Hang in! Colin will be home soon!
Hugs, Diann