Monday, May 31, 2010

Wild Fires

See the haze hanging over the cornfield?  No, it’s not the heat and humidity back, it’s actually quite nice today.  That is smoke from the out of control forest fires in Quebec.  It’s making its way into Eastern Ontario.  In fact, we have an air quality warning in effect.  I’m glad I only have barn clothes to hang out today, Colin doesn’t care if they smell a bit smokey.  So far the smoke isn’t making it’s way into the house.


Niki said...

We have it as well, right through Carleton Place, Almonte and here in Ashton.

It has improved since this morning.
Have a wonderful rest of the day :)

Anonymous said...

I have to say that I learn more "real" news from fellow bloggers than I do from news sites... I do pray that the fires can be controlled, in the meantime it sounds like you'll be dealing with some air quality issues.

It's so fun when the little ones have a good time at recital, it means they like what they are doing! Ella's costume looks pretty! {two weeks} until our girlies, making it even more fun, their two best friends are in it too!

Paula said...

The wind changed direction later in the day, so our air is much better. Luckily (for us anyway) the fires are just in Quebec and not near our home.