Saturday, May 29, 2010

Beautiful Saturday

We've finally had a break in the humidity.  Ella and I spent the morning helping Daddy plant out some of his pumpkins.  Ella did a great job.  Next year she will be able to do pumpkins on her own or at least without direct supervision.  Daddy's beginning to see the beginning of the end for planting, the greenhouse is starting to look thin.  It's really windy today, that's why Ella has a jacket.  Without the wind and I think it would have been much warmer.  As it was I was quite comfortable, this is the temperature I like.

I've taken advantage of the nice day and got my dog biscuits baked.  This is the newest thing I'm going to try selling on OVFC.  They are made with people grade ingredients, so I'm hoping they sell well.  I've made 14 dozen small regular dog bones  :)  I have a few other recipes in mind to try, but we'll start with the regular ones and see how they go.

Still haven't heard from the dance recital.  It's ridiculous that everyone shows up for noon, even if they are nearly last on stage.  When I danced you showed up an hour before your scheduled time.  I'm not sure about the way this place is running rehearsal/recital, it's not like they are new at this.

Here's a fun picture to share:

Ella was so proud of her drawing she wanted me to take a picture.  It's a picture of Momma and Ella outside an igloo.  I helped with the picture of Ella on the right.  Ella always wants me to draw with her.  I was surprised when she said she wanted to draw an igloo.


Anonymous said...

Great pic- hey how about <55f and complete downpour! That's what we had yesterday, today the temps been about the same, and just dark grey/misty all day! Yuck! I'm thinking we need to build a little greenhouse around our tomato plants- or they just aren't going to make it. Is that an actual chalk board or chalk board paint? Love it which ever!!!

Niki said...

such a cutie :) hasn't the weather been nuts? First we are sweltering and the next thing its a coolish 23 and windy...mind you, I love 23 or so,perfect temp I think.
Have a wonderful sunday

Paula said...

The 'chalk board' is Masonite that we bought from home depot and painted with chalk board paint. You can't buy decent sized chalk boards around here for love or money. Most of them are just easels and we don't have room for that. The chalk board paint works well AND that I can have a black board instead of that awful green.