Monday, May 10, 2010


Spring has arrived early in the woods.  There are trilliums springing up every where.  They usually aren’t out until later in May.  There are spots where the ground is just white with the trilliums.  A little later the red ones will be visible.
I love early spring.  As we drive along there are large mounds of white/pink flowers.  The wild plums are in bloom.  But as per usual we got a good frost shortly after the flowers, so there will be very little fruit.  It seems the blossoms always get frosted off.  But they sure look nice.  These are along the railroad tracks that run in front of the house.
The tractor may be the wrong colour (should be International Red) but our tractors are less than photogenic  :)   Daddy has been busy the last few weeks out in the fields.  We do a lot of no-till planting but there are still some fields that need to be rolled/disked/harrowed or whatever before planting.  We've also got a bunch of barley and corn already in.  Don't want to rush the season too much, it's still so cold.

This is what I woke to Mothers' Day.  I wish I had the camera with me on Saturday.  When we were in town there was a blizzard.  Flakes were a good 2 inches!  I'm really ready for spring.  Especially since I planted my new rosebushes.


Anonymous said...

John Deere green is a good color. The family is JD partial since we vistited Moline, IL and JD Place two years ago!!

Paula said...

Oh no, the Fletcher family is International red. In fact, his aunt went so far as to 'paint' the tractor centerpiece red at another family member's wedding. Though Colin admits that he WOULD take a free JD, New Holland, Ford, etc. :)

Anonymous said...

Free is a good price!