Monday, May 10, 2010

Actual Mothers' Day Pictures

Here's some pictures from yesterday.  I thought pictures would get easier as Ella got older but she's too much of a goof like her Daddy.  We had to take about 6 pictures to get this one.  Most of them were 'cheese' face.  Grandma doesn't like pictures so she doesn't smile.  They drive me crazy.

We should have asked for a real camera for Ella for Christmas instead of the toy one that only takes OK pictures.  Look at this great picture she took yesterday.  Ella amazes me with the pictures she takes.

Here's my little sweetie, hamming it up for the camera.
And here's my handsome fellow (look past the blurry picture).   Being Sunday he as able to spend the whole day with us and even helped wash all the supper dishes. 


Rachel and Family said...

I enjoy reading your blog. Your little girl is a real cutie!

Anonymous said...

Love the look on Colin's face in that last shot, that must be the standard "man expression" for you have the camera pointed at me again! Glad to hear that farmers can take a break on Sundays.

Paula said...

Thanks girls! Yes Ella is quite a cutie and tries to get out of a lot of things with the right 'look'. Sometimes it's hard to stay angry/firm with her. That's the usual face I get from Colin, well that or a goofy face.

Diann said...

Hi Paula! A belated Happy Mother's Day to you! We have been gone camping and I am trying to get caught up on everyone's blog postings! I checked out your farm blog, too. It was great -- the font was a little small for these older eyes, but I think I can probably increase the size if I tried! Nice pics of the "girls" on Mother's Day, by the way! :)

Diann said...

OK, checked again and the font was fine -- just a glitch on my end, maybe?!!

Paula said...

Thanks for the input on the website. I can't seem to change font size.

Yes Kimberley, Colin takes Sundays off. He only works about 4 hours in the barn :) His Dad REALLY frowns on field work on a Sunday, but some years it had to be done. It's not so much an issue now that we don't grow hay. It's like the old saying to 'make hay while the sun shines' -some years were so wet this meant on Sunday. The way I figure it, God's a farmer and will understand (if you don't make it a habit).