Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Do not adjust your screen and no, this isn't deja vu back to Mothers' day.  This isn't really snow.  This is all the fluff that comes off our silver poplar this time of year.  We've actually got a lot less fluff than most years.  We've had a good breeze the last few days and it's blown away a lot of the fluff.  Usually it's a couple of inches deep in the yard.  My allergies don't like this time of year, I usually try to stay inside  :)


Anonymous said...

We get the cotton flying around more towards June- it just fills the air and makes such a mess. I get itchy watery eyes when it start flying.

Diann said...

Is that the same thing as cottonwood fluff, which comes off the trees? We already have it here -- have had it, for the past two weeks or so. I hate the stuff! It makes such a mess and gets on the window screens when we're camping. We just got home yesterday from camping for 6 days, so I'm trying to get caught up reading all my blogs.

Paula said...

I'm not sure what cottonwood fluff is?? It's mostly the silver poplar that makes the mess. It's usually piled up so much that it takes a rain to get rid of it. This year most of it has been blowing around. I made the mistake last week of leaving the car window open on knit night. What a mess!

Hope you had fun Diann.