Sunday, May 16, 2010

My Farmer Girl

We took a break for sorting OVF meat and headed out to the corn field where Daddy and Grandpa were working yesterday.  It was a little cool, so jackets were required.

Here comes Daddy across the corn field.  He is ??? the field and Grandpa is following in the other tractor planting our grain corn.

Ella had such a great time helping Daddy drive the tractor.  I wish we had a fancy new one like his friend Keith.  It actually has a passenger seat.  It would make time with Daddy much more comfortable.

The new tractors are also so quiet.  Like Daddy says, you have to turn the radio on to hurt your ears  :)   Ella has her ear protection on.  Daddy should too, but doesn’t.  I notice his hearing loss, but he doesn’t yet.  And I want to prevent it in Ella.

Ella had so much fun riding with Daddy.  It was a beautiful day and I enjoyed sitting in the warm sun knitting and waving.


Anonymous said...

How great to teach Ella to love farming. Such great memories she'll have of the time spent wisely so she could see her Daddy often- Such a big smile she has on her face, I know how much my children would love riding on a tractor, you can see she is enjoying her ride too!

Paula said...

I feel much better about letting Ella ride on the tractor now that we have ear protection that fits and she doesn't mind wearing.