Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Barn Cats

I am really getting tired of losing barn cats.  Especially the friendly ones.  We lost every single cat this winter to distemper.  This is our two new ones, Smudge and Socks.  Unfortunately we've lost Socks now too.  I don't know what to do.  Most barn cats are far too wild to give them needles.  You'd certainly never get a hold of them to give the booster shot.  I know life and death are just every day parts of farm life, but I'm a small town girl who loves her animals.


Kimberly said...

Could trap them and tranquilize them some how? If they are eating mice, does that make them more prone to diseases? What makes a cat a barn cat? Sorry city girl here, I should've included that in my blog title somehow!!

Paula said...

No, most of the barn cats are so wild I don't know how you would ever trap them. I also don't know if vets would sell tranquilizer.

Barn cats are just cats that don't live in the house. Technically I guess they would be called 'feral', they mostly eat rats and mice and other stuff Colin leaves for them (don't ask-from one city girl to another, you don't want to know).