Friday, May 14, 2010

Picnic Fun

We headed up the highway to some of the land Daddy and Grandpa have rented.  Daddy is up here disking and harrowing again.  We brought up fresh pizza rolls and had a picnic lunch.  Luckily I had an old box in the car because the grass was damp.   It's a little cool for a picnic, but Daddy had his heart set on it so I just put on a heavier sweater.  Ella being a kid thought the weather was perfect.  Her main concern was the wet spot in the bottom of the gully.  You can see the darker spot just in front of Ella in the right picture.

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Anonymous said...

My children are out having a picnic lunch right now, it's just a perfect day here- the final temp should be low to mid 70's{f}. Laundry happily hanging on the line and a peaceful at home kind of day- my favourite!