Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My Big Girl

Ella grew so much this winter we had to give in and get out the 'new' two wheeler.  In fact, she broke the tricycle this spring.  The pedals go round but the front wheel doesn't move.  Our neighbour found this little bike (with training wheels) last fall doing a roofing job, she thought of Ella and brought it home.  What a blessing for us, new bikes this size cost $70 so it's a nice savings too.  Ella's doing really well on the bike, she does even better going downhill on the driveway.  Uphill, not so much.  She's actually not too bad going up the driveway so long as she doesn't get slowed down in a rut.  Then her pedals and wheel start spinning and going no where.  She looked like the 'wicked' neighbour in "Wizard of Oz", pedaling like crazy in the tornado.

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