Monday, April 12, 2010


We were 'voluntold' to be at church this Sunday.  We've never done anything like this.  In case you can't tell from this blog, I am rather shy and Grandma is even worse.  Also, it required us to be at church for 10:30, we usually aim for more like 10:50 since Ella gets a bit wound up if we are too early.  It actually went well.  Ella was very eager to wish everyone 'good morning', shake hands and hand out the pew leaflet.  This is Ella and Grandma.  Ella even got to ring the bell at 11 for church to start.  We also did the collection.  Ella did one side and I did the other.  Ella did a great job.

It was a cool, but bright and sunny Sunday morning.  We had a bit of rain in the afternoon.  We needed some rain.  We also got a beautiful reward for the rain.  I have never seen a rainbow actually touching the ground.  Also, (if I had a wide angle camera) you could see the whole rainbow -another first for me.  It started in one end of the field and ended behind our barn. 

The one over the barn was double.


Anonymous said...

Hubby is an usher this month at church, it's a man-job at our church, we are a little patrichal in that way. That is so funny that you used the word "voluntold" I heard it the first time yesterday afternoon!

Paula said...

We don't have enough people to be patriarchal about anything :)

My friends' husbands get 'voluntold' a lot of things. Mine does too, but it's usually more asking with pleading :)