Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Monday

What a beautiful weekend!  It was a glorious day for our Risen Lord.  We had temperatures in the low 20'sC, couldn't ask for better this early in April.  I didn't get an Easter picture because the kids disappeared outside as soon as dinner (lunch) was over.  We had ham, potato casserole, coleslaw, jello salad, buns and ice cream cake for dessert.  It was Colin's dad's birthday too.  He's 67 this year and doing well.  This is Ella's picture from last Easter, but she wore it again this year.  It's much shorter, probably knee length and her hair is too short for braids, but other than that, this is my girl  :)

Daddy had a good day off yesterday.  He missed his morning nap but got one in after lunch  :)  Daddy's back to work today.  In fact, he has 2 cleaning jobs today.  Good thing the rain cleared this afternoon.

Also, it's Menu Plan Monday over at the other blog, so here's the link.

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