Thursday, April 1, 2010

Maple Syrup Time

Ella enjoyed the warm weather we had a couple weeks ago.  We got out her tricycle and she was whizzing around while Daddy did some early spring planting in the greenhouse.  She loves to be outside.  I wish I enjoyed it more, some days I have to force myself to go out with her.  It's not so bad right now, since I don't need to slather us up in sunscreen.  But once it get's too sunny it's such a pain to put on the sunscreen for a hour or more outside.  As you can see in our pictures, we're not the tanning type  :)

Here's my goofy pair.  This is what happens when they know I'm taking a picture and hoping to get a decent picture. 

A friend of Daddy's has a bit of a sugar bush and we went for a visit.  It was a very nice day.  The wind was a bit cool but the sun felt wonderful.  Ella had a great time peaking in the buckets to see the sap. 
Unfortunately, Rob didn't have enough sap to start up the evaporator, but Daddy explained the process to Ella anyway.  While we were looking around the sugar shack, Ella was wondering around pretending to make some of her own syrup.  She went through all the motions just as Daddy had told her.

It's nice when we can get away on a Sunday and do something as a family.  Daddy works so much and so hard, it's good to see him take it easy.


Anonymous said...

I like your screen door. Lucky girl to see a sugar maple operation, that's something we don't have out west. About the menu thing- that's what makes it hard is that I shop every two weeks, also. It's just too much to think up that many meals in advance- Have a wonderful Easter celebration.

Paula said...

We used to have the old ugly metal screen doors (emphasis on old), but a couple years ago Home Hardware had the wood doors on sale for less than the metal so we got one for both 'front' doors. Now the house looks more like it should.

Must be an Ontario thing. Everyone with more that 2 maple trees seems to tap them in the spring.