Sunday, April 4, 2010

Blessed Easter

This is my Christmas Cactus who decided wanted to be an Easter Cactus.  I didn't have one flower at Christmas time!  But this beautiful white flower has decided to celebrate our Lord's triumph over death.

I hope everyone is enjoying a wonderful day spent with family and the Lord.  We'll be hunting for eggs before heading to church with Grandpa and Grandma Fletcher.  Then off to Grandma's house for Easter dinner and Grandpa's birthday.

Happy Easter!!


Diann said...

Hi Paula!
Wanted to wish you, Colin and Ella a very happy and blessed Easter! Hope you had a great day! I missed my family - my daughter & husband are in Canada for his sister's wedding today. (Funny day to have a wedding, eh?!) They will celebrate Easter next weekend instead.

Anonymous said...

He is Risen! Happy Easter, sounds like you had a wonderful day. I'll blog on mine later, it was so cold here! I kind of thought the weather might do what it's doing after such a warm January and February.