Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I wish I had a better camera, but we've only got a very basic digital.  This is just a few of the geese currently living on the river that runs along our farm.  I really wish I had the camera with me the other day when Ella and I were outside playing.  Something must have spooked the geese and there must have been 1000 of them (no exaggeration) lift up off the river and fill the sky.  It looked like something out of Hitchcock's "The Birds"  :) 

It's a sure sign of spring when the geese come back.  It amazing some days.  When we are outside, sometimes, all you can hear is the geese honking.  It's really quite something to hear.  There is an island a ways down the river behind our farm (it's called Snake River for a good reason) and if you were to sneak down the river the island would be absolutely covered with geese this time of year. 

The other night I think I could hear the Killdeer.  Haven't seen any yet thought.  The darn Grackle's are back.  They are such an annoyance.  They aren't a very nice bird either.  I like the Red Wing Blackbirds, at this time of year, but wish they would disappear once the corn starts to ripen.  Every year it's a contest to see who gets more corn.

I'm really ready for spring to arrive.  I hope we get a decent length spring.  I don't like when we have only a week of spring weather and then we go straight into hot and disgusting summer weather.  Did you guess I don't like humidity?  I'm definitely a cool weather spring/fall kind of girl.

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