Friday, January 22, 2010


I hope this picture shows just how beautiful things are today.  Beautiful but very,very cold.  Everything is covered in frost.  I love when the trees and everything are like this.  Even the hydro lines look beautiful in the sunshine  :)   I feel sorry for Colin having to work out in this today.  It always seems he has outside work on the really cold day.  I'm staying in and baking (after I get some laundry started).


Diann said...

Gorgeous! We had weather like that last week, but it has warmed up and everything has melted and the ground looks brown now. Blah! Enjoy your beautiful scenery!

Anonymous said...

I was hoping you'd share some of your winter with us! Absolutely beautiful, makes you wonder, just what God has growing underneath all that beauty! Good luck with the laundry- our biggest issue is the laundry soap is running low again.
I was planning on a scrapbooking day, but the photo processor did a horrible job on the photos I ordered! I'm having a hard time getting Christmas 2008 scrapped, ugh!

Paula said...

Have you ever thought about making your own laundry soap? I have a couple recipes to try (dry and liquid) but haven't yet. The store keeps having it on sale :)