Saturday, January 23, 2010


Thought I would share some more pictures.  This is just outside my back door, where I hang my laundry in the summer.  You can see my gas tank for my stove  :)  The honeysuckle bush is just gorgeous in the sunshine -just like crystal.  It's very cold today -25C/-13F.  But it is so nice to see the sunshine.  It was OVFC delivery day this morning.  Colin said it was warmer IN the freezer than out.  I'm glad he was free to come and help.  I hate having to lug all those coolers around when it's this cold.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like the Olympics should have been held in Ontario this time around! I just read an article, the first, but expected, about how warm it is here and the lack of snow! The officials say they'll have enough, but it's much harder work (they are trucking snow down from higher elevations, and creating snow too) than if it came naturally. You and I know that would be from God. Needless to say that it should be nice and sunny and in the upper 40F's as low's and into the 50F's as highs. So funny- last year we had more snow than anyone knew what to do with it!!

Stay warm and enjoy. It is beautiful.