Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tutu Post

I forgot to tell you where I got the great idea for Ella's tutu.  It's no-sew and was super easy.  I did the whole thing in about an hour.  The hardest part was folding the tulle so I could cut it with my rotary cutter.  Once the pieces are cut, the knotting takes no time.  Head over to Tutus Bows and More for clear instructions and great pictures.


Magdalena said...

She is lookign more like a little girl and not so much like a baby! Don't you hate it that they grow up?

Paula said...

Oh I know, it's terrible. She's going to be 4 on the first. She definitely has her own opinion on how things. Being so tall, so many people think she's 5.

Anonymous said...

I knew it was coming up! Now I won't forget, she shares her birthday with my Momma- she'll be 70 this year!