Friday, December 4, 2009

More Work -but in a good way

Daddy has finally finished (more or less) his mobile seed cleaner. He's waiting for a couple more pieces and needs another trip to Home Depot. But most of the big work is done. I think he will be glad when it's over, I think it has taken a lot more fiddling than he anticipated.

Grandma, Ella and I got busy yesterday and finally got our fruitcake and Christmas pudding made. My fruitcake isn't the one everyone jokes about. People love my cake. Unlike most, it actually has cake to it, not just fruit! It's my Great Grandma's recipe but my Mom and Grandma never made it -they only bake when they have to, they don't love it like I do. I should get a pound of butter out of the freezer and get my shortbread made too, they taste better if they age a few weeks. My Grandma Rees would be so pleased with me, she loved to bake and was famous for her shortbread and butter tarts. I couldn't find her shortbread recipe after she died, but I do have her handwritten butter tart recipe. I think it's maybe our shared German heritage that makes/made Grandma Rees and I go crazy for cookies and tarts at Christmas (on top of the meal of course), where as my Mom and Grandma Johnson, being English, focus on the meal and the pies/Christmas cake and pudding.


Anonymous said...

Have a great weekend, Paula - I've got to get to the sewing and stay off this computer! I just miss my blog friends while I'm "away" doing what I need to be doing.

I saw a fruitcake in the bakery at the grocer the other day, it was one solid blob of fruit! It looked colorful, but no real appetizing!!

Here's praying that the seed cleaning biz, pays some bills this winter.

Paula said...

Hope you get lots of sewing done Kimberly. I hope to spend Tuesday just sewing. I don't understand the fruitcake that forgets the cake part :) I'll have to take a picture when we slice it up for the cookie boxes.

I sure hope the cleaning business goes well. Colin doesn't need more work that doesn't actually make money.

Che Birba said...

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Diann said...

My daughter's MIL makes butter tarts every year when they go up to Canada for Christmas. I had never heard of them and have never had them. She got the recipe from her MIL and she and my granddaughter make them quite often. Guess I'll have to pay them a visit sometime when they are making them! She claims they are "awesome!" (hmm, they only live thirty minutes from here; you'd think they could bring me one... wink, wink!)

Paula said...

Diann, butter tarts are actually a Canadian food :) My grandma's are so thick with raisins that they make a meal on their own. They aren't runny like some. I'd mail some to you but I don't think they'd survive the trip :)