Friday, December 11, 2009

Missed Anniversary and a Worry

Oops, I missed posting on my First Blog Anniversary. December 1st was my first full year of blogging. When I started this blog, I wasn't sure I'd have anything to talk about! Who knew I'd be still going a year later :)

My poor little Miss Muffet has a touch of pneumonia. We had her to the RNP on Thursday and she's now on some antibiotic and a Ventolin inhaler. At least that's one thing we didn't have to pay for, we always have plenty of Ventolin around here. Ella's sounding much better today, her cough on Wednesday was really scaring me. She couldn't get enough breath to even cough. Luckily the clinic fit her in Thursday morning because I didn't want to take her down to the hospital if I didn't have to.

It's going to be a quiet weekend.


Anonymous said...

Oh dear, we'll be praying for your Little Miss. Miss Emma seems to be getting better, the nose isn't draining as much, which means the virus is probably headed south - last cold the secondary infection were problems for us- always keeping an eye on her!!!

Congrats, one year of blogging! It's taking up so much of my time lately, it's an area I need to pray about so that it fits in and isn't overwhelming..

Diann said...

Paula, congrats on the blog anniversary! I so enjoy reading your blog - and now, both blogs! Hope Ella is feeling well soon! Santa will be coming to her house in only two more weeks! :)

Paula said...

Ella seems to be feeling better today. Full of mischief. Still has a terrible cough though. But at least it sounds loose, so hopefully she'll be able to get rid of it soon. She's not is the best mood though, seems everything requires tears :(

Anonymous said...

Tears seem to flow better when accompanied by a cold virus and secondary infections.... Miss Emma's nose is very tender, I kept her home from dance all week - but we let her go to this mornings class- I'm watching her though as she's began the coughing phase. Only 12 days to go... I've so much to do!