Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Don't know if you can tell by this picture, but we are having the first winter storm of the season. School buses were canceled before they even left this morning. Ella's RNP appointment got canceled midway through the morning. Basically everything is at a standstill. We aren't getting that much snow, right now, but what we are getting is being blown around by a wicked east wind.

May not be that nice out, but it has put me into a Christmas mood. I've just taken out dozens number 9 and 10 of sugar cookies out of the oven. After hanging up my laundry I'll start getting out some decorations for the living room. Then I'll start (and hopefully finish) my Christmas cards. They are so terribly behind this year.

Grandma took Ella home with her this morning, we got Ella an appointment with the RNP over in Beachburg tomorrow. Since it's 'knit night' Grandma's going to keep Ella for the day. I may take advantage of a quiet house and get as much wrapping done as possible. If the weather is good, I may take a run into Renfrew and finish my 'Santa' shopping. It's impossible to buy stocking stuff with Ella around any more, her eagle eyes spot everything!

Hope everyone is home, safe and warm.


Anonymous said...

Is Ella not feeling well? I saw the sattelite image for the storm, I thought you might be in the range! Stay safe, our friends in MO are dealing with it in their neck of the woods too. It's a huge storm, it went all they way from Arizona, northwar towards you guys - We are just down right cold, it was down to 12f here last night. I wake up to a Christian radio station that broadcasts from up near the border, yesterday AM it was-5c up in BC, probably even colder last night. It's a dry cold, the weather guy explained it similar to "dry heat" that we get in the summer. Good news is that we usually never get out of a cold snap without snow, as the "warmer" (seriously, is 38 warm???!) wetter air comes in, it parks over the cold, the precip then falls as snow - hopefully this weekend we will get our first real snow. It really gets me in the mood too!

Diann said...

Paul, oh, everything looks so gorgeous there! Here in Ohio, we are experiencing tha same weather as you. The temps have fallen dramatically, and our heavy rains have turned to snow. I don't think we are supposed to get much accumulation, though. The winds are howling out there right now --they claim we could get between 50-60 mph wind gusts. Not sure what that would be in kilometers!

Diann said...

OOPS! Ha! I meant Paula, not PAUL! My brother, Paul, must be thinking about me! ;)

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

We had snow the night before last, but it's almost all gone now, and we're in So. Cal. Your photo is so pretty. Sounds like you've been doing alot of baking. I'll bet it smells wonderful at your house.