Saturday, November 14, 2009


Colin came in with a surprise from the barn. Our first Chantecler egg!! The chickens weren't supposed to start laying until January -not that I'm complaining :) I can't get over the size of the egg. Most chickens lay very small first eggs, I know my MIL's layers take a while to get up to full size egg production. I would say this egg is 'extra large' size.

Looks like it's breakfast for supper tonight :)


Anonymous said...

That's one big egg! Are you sure it's not an ostritch!??? We had our friends over yesterday tht keep chickens, she said their hens have stopped laying, having something to do with daylight and the lack their of???

Paula said...

Nope, not ostrich :) Turns out it was a double yolk, very yummy too. Yes, chickens will stop laying for the winter unless you keep the lights on in the barn. Our layer hens produce all year.

Anonymous said...

They are trying to figure a way to add a light, but their little coop is a portable little thing- They were talking about building a permanent walk-in coop; probably in part to their little cocker spaniel that likes to play with the chickens. Then it could have a light. The children were complaining about how gross the store bought eggs are and wanted the farm fresh eggs back! I've heard of a new hen laying a double, it's a fun surprise when you crack it open!!

I'm glad I'm not alone in getting the menu up this week - Can't think, I guess I need to pull out some cook books for inspiration.

Paula said...

Our chickens are in the barn, so they get enough heat and light to keep producing. Next spring I would like Colin to make a pen (and adjoining hole in barn wall) so the chickens can run around outside too.