Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Menu Plan Monday -16 November 09

Ok, I know it's Tuesday. We did groceries yesterday, so I guess that made me forget it was Monday. Better late than never, right?? Last week's menu got thrown out the window by about Tuesday. We defrosted my upright freezer and had some casualties that had to be eaten. My freezer now looks beautiful and I can actually find things. I even have a few freezer meals in there. Now I have to clean out the big freezer in the summer kitchen. I won't defrost it. It hasn't been turned off in the 45 years the family has been here (it came with the house so who knows how old it is). It's so jammed I have forgotten what's all in there. I hate that.

It's a short menu this week. Ella, Grandma and I are heading off to London at the end of the week. Colin's best friend from college, Keith, is Christening his little boy. Colin can't come, so we're going to represent the family. It takes Colin and I 8 hours to get to London so, we're making this a 2 day drive. Ella just doesn't 'do' drives that long. Not that I can blame her, who would want to be strapped into a car seat for that long. Since Daddy never eats most of the stuff I leave out for him any way, I'm not planning meals while we're away. There will be plenty of food around the house, but he'll have to find it himself :)

grocery day

cooked chicken from the store and french fries -boy have I found the right combination to get Ella to eat, too bad it's not something we can have a lot.

grilled cheese -Daddy's at work so we can have a smaller lunch

chicken enchiladas


chicken and dumplings -actually a recipe from Keith's lovely wife (who shares my b-day :) ). It's really easy and I'll post the recipe later if I get a chance.

cowboy casserole

roast pork

we're heading out as soon as we can get everyone moving. We're going as far as Elmira. I'll leave a venison steak in the crock pot for Daddy. He's working today and will appreciate coming home to a proper meal.

Off to London. Hopefully we'll be able to get together with my friend from university, I went to the University of Western Ontario in London. We'll also stop by Keith's to see if there is anything we can help with, even if it's just playing with little Rachel (she's turning 2 in Feb)

Christening and luncheon

Lots of ideas available over at I'm an Organizing Junkie


Anonymous said...

I've planned through tomorrow, and that's only because our church serves supper on Wednesday! I'm going to work out the rest today - actually I'm going to work it out through next week, our T-day is coming up, my Dad doesn't like turkey, I mentioned turkey meatloaf, he said that was some way he would eat it, so that's what I'll make that day.

Have a safe drive- our longest day was 15 hours on our big trip, someone lent us a DVD player for the car, that was a life saver!

Paula said...

I'm planned through next week too, but that's because we shop for 2 weeks at a time. Ella's never been a good car rider, even with her dvd player. Our 4 hour drives to Bowmanville used to take 6 hours. At least those are back to 4 hours (plus lunch stop).

Paula said...

Had to laugh when you said your Dad doesn't like turkey but will eat turkey meatloaf. My MIL 'doesn't like turkey', but she sure eats plenty of it when I cook a turkey for Thanksgiving :)