Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I finally got around to making the meat perishky from Mennonite Girls Can Cook. I used the leftover Russian Brisket I made a few weeks ago (froze it of course). Oh my, these are sooooo good. I did change the recipe a bit. I used the "gravy" from the roast instead of the cream soup, I just thickened the sauce till it was cream soup consistency. I also left out the onion soup mix, since I used that in the Brisket recipe.

Russian Brisket

4lb pot roast, I used a prime rib -just make sure you use something with a good marble

Put roast in roasting pan. Pour in water up to about 1 inch around meat. Sprinkle around with onion soup mix, 3T brown sugar, and garlic powder to taste. Pour a 12oz bottle of chili sauce (like Heinz) over the roast. Cover tightly and roast for 2 1/2 hours at 350F. Uncover and continue to roast for 1 hour. If the sauce is too thick, thin with a bit of water.

Just some photographic evidence of how tired poor Daddy is :) This is how he spent last Sunday. In between watching NASCAR crashes, I mean the race. I keep trying to get him to go upstairs to rest, that way Ella doesn't have to be so quiet. I don't think Daddy understands that little girls just have to make noise :)


Anonymous said...

Glad to see Colin hasn't outgrown sleeping with his stuffed friend!

Natlalie says, Thanks!

Diann said...

ROFL at the yellow duck! ;-D

Paula said...

:) He'd kill me if he saw this picture :) He had been playing with Ella and Dasha(the duck), when the 'sandman' got the better of him.