Sunday, November 29, 2009


Christmas Wreath with Lit Candles
Christmas Wreath with Lit Candles

You'll have to excuse my generic Advent wreath picture. I completely forgot to take a picture while I had our going. Next week.

It finally starting to feel like 'Christmas' or more exactly Advent. The colours are changed in the church and we've had our first candle lighting. NOW I feel ready to start getting ready! Maybe I'll finally get my fruitcake and plum pudding made this week. Ella was such an angel in church today. She sat so quietly during the candle lighting. It's amazing how much she is actually listening, even when she's playing. On the way home, she's conducting her own 'church service', we even got 'shhhhd' for talking -I wonder where she's heard that before :) It was so sweet, to hear Ella trying to sing hymns and using phrases from our service.

Hope everyone is having a blessed first Sunday of Advent. I've got a beautiful church cd on throughout the house. It is "Willan:Missae Breves 4&11, Motets" by the Choirs of the Church of St. Mary Magdalene -which is my church from Toronto. It's not really Christmas music, but puts me in such a beautiful place.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a wonderful peaceful beginning to the Advent season! Our morning was smooth, church attendance was a little light, I think some folks were in transit to and/from visiting or returning students to college - On the way up our street Chad noticed that the neighborhood escape artists were out of their yard and on our street, so we corralled those two, in the meantime and I not even in the door yet, my parents were calling... Anyway it was a bit crazy, lunch was disorganized - we seem to be settling in now though! Please pray for our area, on Oct. 31st a Seattle police officer was shot and killed while sitting in his car at a stop light - this morning a fellow walked into a coffee shop and shot/killed four officers of a small dept. of a town near Tacoma preparing for their shift, no one else (civilians) were targetted or phyically injured. This is horrible thing, Nicole is especially moved since many officers come and have coffee where she works.