Thursday, November 26, 2009


My new covering from Garlands of Grace arrived just in time. It's the Cecily style again, I really like it. I was wanting another black one (mine is getting faded) and wanted lace to make it a little fancier for church and such. My package arrived Thursday just as I was packing to leave Friday (which I didn't get to until Friday anyway).

We decided to make the drive to London in two days. When Daddy and I go, it's about 8 hours. Well it took us 9 hours to get to Elmira!!! Didn't help that we had bad rain until Lindsay. The 3 potty stops and a lunch really took up time too. It was hard to find out B&B in the dark. The street signs are very far back from the road to make room for the buggy lane. We stayed with Ella again. It's the perfect room for us. My Ella was very impressed with her Christmas village.

I've also found out that Grandma can't navigate her way out of a paper bag :) We ended up driving in circles outside of Stratford. At which point I took the map book away and went back to navigating. We stopped in Stratford for lunch. Couldn't resist getting a picture of Ella with her frosted A&W mug (that she shared with me). We don't have 'real' A&W restaurants up here and Daddy's never had their root beer in a frosted mug before.

It was another 4 hours to London!! We finally made it to my friend Karen's house. We met at the University of Western Ontario. I wish she lived closer, I really enjoy her company. Karen had her sister Linda bring the kids over. So Ella had a great time playing with Quinten and Emma-Lynne. Ella found a doctor's kit and put Emma-Lynne in bed to play 'hospital'. That's one of Ella's favourite games. We had a really nice visit with Karen and her family. I wish I had remembered to get some pictures before we left.

After Karen's we headed up to Bev and Keith's to see the new addition. Rachel has grown so much since they were up for a visit (she was a few months old). I've never seen such a quiet 21 month old. She's not even really trying to talk. Ella wouldn't stop at that age :)

Here's a picture of Rachel and Ella sitting in church waiting for the service to start. Really they were just taking a breather, they were both walking circles around the church. The service was United, so was quite short, but very nice. Brandon and his cousin Philip were both Christened on Sunday. The minister is great, Ella even felt comfortable enough to go up front during the children's talk and during the Christening.

We headed home after some lunch and goodies. We made great time until we got to the airport outside of Toronto. We hit rush hour-type traffic, even though it was Sunday afternoon. We stopped for supper at Boston Pizza and then headed to Petra's. Ella was able to just mellow, play and watch a bit of tv.

And of course, it wouldn't be a vacation post without a picture of Miss Ella snoozing in the back seat. As you can see, she's big enough to use the car's seat belt now, instead of the baby harness.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun little trip! Your new covering is pretty. My children weren't big enough to stop using the baby straps until they were quite old, I think Emmalie was about 6! Such tiny's I have.

Paula said...

We're lucky, Ella's just hit the 40lb mark. Being so tall helps too.