Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Monday Plan Monday -7 September 09

Ok, I know it's really Tuesday, but that's the kind of weekend I've been having. I almost didn't do a menu at all. But I can't shop for 2 weeks without a plan, so I did it. My MIL is due home tomorrow, but I'm assuming I will still have to be over there -not to cater to the MIL but to sell pork and pumpkins.


grocery day so PH&H for Daddy, Micky D's or Subway for us

stuffed chicken -on sale at the grocery store for only $2 for 2

hot dogs

oven roasted chicken and scalloped potatoes

French toast

roast pork and fried scalloped potatoes (yummy if you do it slowly)

pork sandwich

leftover chicken and smiley fries

meat pirosky -still trying to make these from a couple weeks ago

spaghetti and meatballs


roast beef and roasted potatoes

Join everyone over at I'm an Organizing Junkie for lots more ideas.


Anonymous said...

Do you have trouble sticking to the menu's planned? Or are you hard core, I wrote it, so that's it!
I have a hard time planning for the entire seven days, it's pretty easy for the week nights, and to stick to the plan, but weekends are different, less structured times.

I'm going to blog on this in a minute, we had no internet yesterday, Hubby chopped the internet cable with a shovel, thinking it was a root!

Niki RuralWritings said...

About your tomatoes, ours didn't ripen until we stripped a bunch of the crazy foliage we had away. I guess all the rain has made for crazy growth.

It's a busy busy time of year, isn't it?

Next year I'm definitely growing white and blue pumpkins. A friend of mine grew them this year and I love them

have a wonderful week :-)

Anonymous said...

Share some pics of the blue pumpkins, I've never seen those before!

Paula said...

Hey Kimberly

I try to stick to the menu -it's easier on our budget and usually healthier. I will make changes sometimes. If the day's too hot or I just don't feel like eating whatever's planned. Or I find a good deal when I'm doing groceries. Like tonight I cooked a pre-seasoned flattened chicken that I got for only $7 at Walmart yesterday. It was easy and yummy and MIL appreciated the effort.