Thursday, September 10, 2009

Busy day, but at least it's My Day

As requested, here's a picture of one of our blue pumpkins. I forget the official name. It looks a little more slate blue in person.
We have a variety of heirloom oddities. You really can't see, but the one under my hand is called "Cinderella" and is shaped like Cinderella's carriage. They get so orange they are almost red. The 'warty' ones in the middle are very weird looking. I'm taking a relish-making break to pose with Daddy's pumpkins, hence the coverall apron. I love these aprons, they are the Edwardian ones from Sense and Sensibility.

At first glance this is a cute picture of Ella and her Grandpa. But on closer inspection you see Ell riding her tractor with Grandpa on his riding mower, cutting grass. Attitudes like this is why farm children have a 90% higher chance of dying at home than city kids. Obviously I got over-ruled and Daddy let her do this. We won't be taking her tractor over there again, any time soon.


Kimberly said...

Those punkins' are so cool! We need to get adventurous here and grow some more interesting varities of things! But, she had a good time ridin' along with her Grpa, right? And survived this time - that's the arguement, the Hubbies give us Momma's anyway. Over the Labour Day holiday (see I spelled it your way!!) we had several nearly hospital/911 situations, involving bike and scooter riding; as they are getting bigger they are also becoming more cocky in their riding skills - I'm in constant, "um, that's probably not a good idea" mode"

Dawn said...

Wow! Never seen pumpkins like that before! Neat!
Can you still cook with them? Probably so. :-) I guess I just wonder if they all taste the same.
I am just used to orange pumpkins seen at

God Bless!

Paula said...

Yes, all our pumpkins are edible. We have some actual "pie" pumpkins. Eating green or white pumpkins would be like when Heinz came out with green ketchup -have to get your mind around the colour.