Tuesday, August 25, 2009

122 days to Christmas!!!

Boy, I used to drive my co-workers crazy when I worked at the stock broker's. I LOVE Christmas, I mean really LOVE Christmas. Now that I'm not a slave to the calendar, I don't have the exact number of days to Christmas right on the top of my head. But I certainly notice the 25th of every month and announce how much time is left. I used to start counting down at about 200 days -and would make announcements every so often :)

I've already started Christmas shopping. I have a few more items to buy and stocking stuff. Everything else is homemade and needs to be started/finished soon. These socks are for my sister. They are made from Regia's Softy Color wool and feel fabulous. If I didn't have such warm feet all the time I'd make myself a pair. I have enough wool left over that I am starting a pair for Ella. Knitting two at a time, the socks were done in record time. Beside the socks is a knitted lace bookmark. I'm not sure who I'll give those to, but they are super easy to make, I've even sold one through OVF.

Here's a picture of Ella, Daddy and Grandpa having a well deserved coffee break (Pepsi break really). Our front steps have seen better days, but since no one uses the front door out here in the country :) I guess it doesn't matter too much. I would love to tear the porch off an make a nice wide verandah and have it wrap around the side of the house to connect with the "back" door (really on the side of the house).

I had a meeting with a few homeschool moms on Friday. Remember the neighbour who I haven't worked up the courage to meet? Well she called last night and offered to drive me to the meeting! Finally we got to meet. The meeting was great, about 12 moms with a few more who couldn't make it. We're having a "Not Back To School" outing/picnic Sept 4. It will be great for Ella to have some fun with kids like her. There seem to be quite a bunch around her age.

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Kimberly said...

You beat me to this post, as I found a project to knit, last night, I thougt, that I should do a post on the subject! I'll probably do one later still!(A carridgan sweater for one of the little girls,) I will say that when there are 135 stitches on the needles, the rows are much slower to add up, but I will keep at it a little each night and on Christmas Eve, it will be openned with joy! We are a little Christmas nutty here, the real countdown begins on day 100 (about the 15th of Sept), long before that date, even in July I'm thinking, plotting and planning what I might make for whom. If you wait until the traditional start date (US T-day, for us) it's just too much to handle.
That's so geat that you finally met your neighbor and a few other like families! Have fun with that, and remember that every family schools in a way unique, I say this because it's hard (for me, anyway) to not be judgemental. I have to help Miss Emmalie with her 5 divided by's!! Have a great day!