Monday, August 10, 2009

Menu Plan Monday -10 August 09

We're expecting a heat wave this week, so actual cooking will be kept to a minimum. This house get's so hot. When the in-laws replaced the downstairs window, for some reason they put in ones that don't open!


rib steak, corn and green beans -Daddy cooked the steak on the wood BBQ for a change :)

peanut butter and honey for Daddy, our usual McDonald's after groceries

pork chops on the BBQ

meat perishky that I didn't make last week


lunch meat sandwiches and chips



crock pot chicken -maybe bbq'd


roast pork on the wood BBQ -invite in-laws

french fries

leftover chicken

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like it took about a week for the hot air to reach you! Good luck staying cool. While we may end up with a few warmer days, I doubt very much that we will see the heat problems here again this summer. Shorter days/longer nights help cool things off. said...

wow :-) i am no where near that organized... how do you plan a week of meals? i can barely plan a day ahead. good job!! i bet it keeps you in budget.

Paula said...

The heat is definitely here. I won't complain, it's just what the corn (sweet and grain) need. If our grain corn is only good for silage (ie cows) we will go bankrupt. We can't afford to buy corn all winter.

Hi Outdoor Mom, thanks for stopping by. I'm not sure the menu planning is from being organized. It's more my personality (I always kid that it's the German in me -haha). I couldn't imagine trying to decide every day what I'd make for supper. I like having that decision already made -I just do what the white board says. I actually make 2 weeks menus at a time. We only grocery shop twice a month, to save money. I couldn't do that without a menu.

BTW, I checked out your blog. My little one thought your little one was adorable :)