Thursday, August 13, 2009


When all else fails, make a chicken post :)

Daddy has turned the chickens loose into the bigger pen in the barn. It is amazing how big they are getting. We still aren't sure who are the girls and who are the boys. It's harder to tell since these chickens don't have wattles and such. We'll know once the crowing starts.

Sweet corn is coming along nicely. It is delicious! Sales are going well, we've been selling corn since Tuesday. We are even supplying the local grocery store -a first for us. The tomatoes are finally turning red. Cucumbers are stacking up, in fact, that's what I should do this afternoon. Ella and I are hiding in the house, trying to keep cool. August weather has finally arrived, though I must admit it's not terribly humid yet. Always a bonus. My lungs/asthma doesn't like to wring the water out of the air before breathing it :)

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