Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Quick Rant

Ok, when you hear about a food co-op that is worried about the environment and sustainability and the local economy, would you not assume they would also be concerned about the local farmers/artisans that they intend to buy from? Wouldn't you want to protect the farmers/artisans from the laissez faire/free trade marketplace that is quickly driving small businesses out of business and causing us to become dependent on food from China and Mexico?? Yeah, me to.

We had a conference call board meeting this morning. Man, it was hard not to suggest that some people need to pull out a dictionary and check the meaning of a co-op. And to quit living in la-la land where reality follows a "philosophy and mission statement".

In case anyone is interested, Webster's Third New International Dictionary, Volume I A-G says:

cooperative: to associate with another or others for mutual often economic benefit

Sounds like we should care about the farmers/artisans and not just about the volume of consumer selection. But that's the last I'm going to mention it. Let's just say, Colin and I are looking into other options for local sales.

Miss Ella had a big day yesterday. We headed into Renfrew and went to her first movie. We saw Ice Age III. She loved it and sat through it very well, in fact, she was better behaved than some of the older kids. It was a matinee, so I wasn't too worried that she would disturb anyone. Just as I expected, it was mostly Mommas and little people. The movie was really good. Just enough "adult" humour to keep it from being boring. The theatre itself is beautiful, it has been fully restored to it's original glory.

I've got a couple new posts floating around in my head, but I'm in no mood for them. They are close to my heart and cause me some heartache, so they need lots of thought and time to put down into writing.

Just so I don't end on a down note, here's a couple of other photos to show.
This is what a little girl who's "not tired" looks like after being in Grandma's arms for a couple minutes :)

This is how the chicks look today.
They are about 3 weeks old. Daddy's going to have to get working on the pen in the barn for them. I'm going to miss having them in the summer kitchen. It was nice to peak in on them whenever I stepped out there and to hear the peeps when working in the kitchen.


Diann said...

Paula, your little Ella is sure getting big! She's so cute! Glad she liked her first movie! DH and I saw the new
movie, "Up", and it's real cute! Seems we like some of the "kid" movies better than the grown-up ones, LOL

Paula said...

I can't believe how fast she's growing. I'm so glad I get to be with her all the time, I'd hate to think how much I would miss if she were in daycare/school.

With the cost of movies, we usually wait for them to come out on pay-per-view :) Unless it's something that really needs a big screen (like Star Trek.) I thought "Up" looked cute. I like when the kid movies throw in some humour for us adults. Like using Hawaii 5-0 music for the surf scene in Madagascar II

Diann said...

Yeah, that's why I stayed home with my daughter until she started school. I didn't want somebody else enjoying all her "firsts". Can't believe she is 37 now. They grow up too darn fast! And so did her three beautiful children! I can't believe her oldest will be 17 this year! Man, makes me feel really old, lol