Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Our Escape

So, my Darling and I headed for the hills (literally) on Canada Day. We try to get away for a few days every year while Colin's Dad is still able to take care of the farm for us. Our B&B was fabulous. It was in the hills of Renfrew County, just past a place called Foymount which is the highest populated place in Ontario. It's along an old pioneer road and steeped in history and old buildings.

This is the back side of our B&B. It looks like a log cabin on the inside. Joe, the owner did all the buildings himself. It was a little chilly, as you can tell by the shawl inside. Colin put a small fire on and it was just right.

We didn't really have any plans, we just wanted a chance to relax before sweet corn season starts and Colin is run off his feet. We did a bit of site-seeing, Colin actually hasn't seen too much of Renfrew county even though he has lived here all his life. It rained off and on all the time we were away, but there were enough clear breaks that we had a good time.

Our B&B have their own lake, which was beautiful and would have been nice to swim in if it had been warm enough. We did do a bit of fishing. I caught my first "real" fish, all the others have been rock bass. This one is a 3lb large mouth bass. Colin caught his out in the canoe.

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