Sunday, July 12, 2009

Chicken News

Our "baby chickies" (as Ella calls them) are doing well and growing like crazy. Yesterday Daddy decided it was time to move them out of the box in the summer kitchen. He's fixed up a smaller pen inside the large pen that will eventually be part of their home -I hope to convince Colin to make an outside run for them as well as the safety of the barn.

This morning, Daddy came in from his morning chores and said that he'd made the right decision. The little chicks were running around playing and trying to fly. They definitely like the bigger pen. They will have to get much bigger to be turned loose in the big pen, as it is not barn cat proof. Our barn cats are pretty good, but it wouldn't be fair to tease/tempt them, they are still carnivores after all.

I miss hearing their little peeps though.

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Anonymous said...

Little chicks grow so fast! Our youth pastor's little baby girl was baptized this morning, oh, she is a sweet little thing! I was lucky to be asked to take pics, so much fun!