Tuesday, July 7, 2009

More Fun

We left St. Jacobs and headed for Fergus. It's a small town founded by Scots. Every August it hosts one of the best Highland Games around. It still retains many of the original stone buildings. They sure knew how to build, they are still so straight and square. Many of the historical homes have plaques with the names and occupations of many of founding members of Fergus.

Here's a couple examples:

We then headed out of town to a farm where they raise rare breed birds. All kinds of chickens, ducks, geese, etc. This is Ella and I and Timmy the dog stretching our legs. I'm not sure what kind of dog it was, some sort of Labrador but seemed bigger.

This was the whole reason for the trip down south. We picked up 11 baby chicks. It was supposed to be 25, but everyone has been having trouble with this year's hatches. Colin figures it's because it's been so cool and dark.

Our chickens are Chantecler. A rare Canadian breed that will hopefully take the cold weather better than our Banty chickens did last year. 9 of the birds are the colour of the one in the picture, the other two are brown/speckled and look so cute. We have a mixture of hen's and roosters, so hopefully we won't have to be buying any more. They are dual purpose, good for meat and eggs. We're keeping them in the summer kitchen for now, want to make sure they are safe. When they get a little bigger, Daddy will fix up a spot in the barn.

Here's my princess at the end of a long 3 day road trip. She was an angel, especially considering we were on the road each day for hours. Ella really impressed me this trip. Even though she was tired, she remained polite and friendly and a joy to be around.


Anonymous said...

Well at least you are getting your pictures to work, I'm having major issues with that today. Looks like a fun trip.

Paula said...

No problems with Blogger, but my dial-up is too slow to put any on Photobucket -so I can't share pictures in email or my facebook.