Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Canada Day

Happy Canada Day everyone! And happy early 4th to my American friends.

We really don't observe Canada day here on the farm. It's just another working day to Daddy, in fact, it usually messes up the pork prices for about a week (the two holidays) and shuffles delivery day. On the whole, Daddy could do without "stat" holidays. Personally, I don't mind the summer holidays now that I live in the country. I really didn't like them much when living in town. But that's because I don't like loud, sudden noises; they hurt my ears. Miss Ella doesn't like them either, but not quite to the same extent as me -when I was 3 the family went to Kingston, to Fort Henry, during the gun/cannon display I was sobbing inside the fort with Mom's hands over my hands over my ears. In town, everyone set off their own fireworks, sometimes late into the night. Here in the peaceful country, I get silence!! :)

I was hoping to get the blog caught up with all our goings on and I need to get some emails out to friends. But my couple days have slipped away and Daddy and I are escaping the farm until Sunday!!!!

Have a great weekend and see everyone next week.

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