Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Visitor

We had a visitor last night. Actually, we are being over-run by skunks this year. Colin has already "asked" a few to leave. They must be nearly blind because they have run/walked into Colin a number of times and don't seem to know he's there.

We've been leaving this little guy alone. He's so cute! About the size of a large kitten/small house cat. And his tail is soooo white, guess he hasn't got it dirty yet :) He's about 35 feet from the house, over where we used to have the pool. He started much closer to the house, about 20 feet from the front door. The blackbirds were bothering him, I was watching to see if I would have to shut the door. He's getting to the age where he's going to spray something that bothers him. I'm hoping he moves along soon and doesn't have to be removed.

This will likely be my last post until Sunday at least. We're off on our road trip. I still need to finish some sewing, 2 more loads of laundry and start packing. I'm never this disorganized! At least it's only for a couple days, won't need that much.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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Anonymous said...

He is a cute little guy, like PePe LePew, the carton skunk!!!