Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Happy Father's Day -belated

Our computer/internet connection has been so frustrating for the last week. Here is our Father's Day picture. We had Grandpa and the Grandma's over for supper. Ella and Grandpa could easily get into a lot of trouble together -ha ha. They need to be closely supervised :)

Daddy took a break in his chores to play with the Princess father's day afternoon. I'm not sure who had more fun in the sandbox!

This is why it's so frustrating that farmers get treated like dirt (no pun intended) and paid less than the cost of production. Daddy works every day, doesn't get the "holidays" off. He even had to work about 5 hours on Father's day -that's his usual Sunday hours (short day -ha ha).


Anonymous said...

Computer/internet, blessing or curse? Well glad that it all worked long enough for you to create your post! You know, we don't really do much for Mother's and Father's Day. The children usually have some sort of "show" that they've created for us, and sometimes they'll make a card or picture. Being the meal planner, I can plan a favorite for Hubby - he usually does some sort of coffee for me. This year my parents were open for dinner so they came up and for bbq burgers. We had had such a busy Friday and Saturday that we were happy to just have Sunday after church open. Think of this too, some Daddies are away fighting a war, some are out fishing in Alaska, or police, firemen or doctors that couldn't have that day off either, and some like your Colin are farmers, growing and raising food for our tables. And then there is remembering the Father of all fathers, God!
I think you bring up a valid point, that we need to always be praying for all the hard working Daddies out there. How about this, during the winter when there is much less farm work to do, have Father's Day then!
My Dad is a troublemaker too - my Mom is always telling him behave!!!

Paula said...

Colin just gets frustrated hearing (on the news etc) about the wonderful 3-day weekend coming up. They talk like the whole country gets it off and never seem to think of the hardworking folk who don't - and don't get time and a half or a liu day either. :)

My grandpa (mom's) was a bit of a troublemaker too. But not enough to get the kids in trouble, just enough to be silly :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, don't listen to the media! Here is a funny thought, those news guys, don't get holidays off! They are there, maybe they feel like they should be out playing too, so they make it sound like everyone else is out playing to make themselves feel better! Enjoy your mini road trip, can't wait to hear about it when you return.